Crocodiles and alligators are farm bred and strictly kept in pools separated by size and age of the animals. As most animals with scaled skins, they grow very slow and raising them is a timely and costly endeavour. Moreover, tanning the skins with their soft gaps between hard keratinous scales is a job only specialised tanneries can do and among these only a handful are able to dress the croc leather to the thickness and smoothness we need for making gloves. But the final steps of preparation before cutting are left to us. We dye and curry the white skins to finally achieve this deep transparency and shine which makes each pair a unique piece of art and craft.



Amongst the many species of lizards, the one we use for our gloves is bred in South America, but tanned in Italy.  The so-called ‘nabucato’ effect is achieved by carefully sanding and buffing the skins after dyeing. Nubuck lizard shows its colour in high intensity and looks as soft and warm as it actually is.