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Handmade leather accessories.

Our handmade bags

Our handmade leather document pouch

Hand crafted from high quality goatskin suede, in a desert sand colour, and lined with green canvas lining, this document pouch holds your essential papers. It has one large compartment and features a magnetic closure.

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The cut and fitted leather pieces for each pair of gloves are passed on to the stitchers. These artisans can sew leather by hand, with outstanding mastery and precision, without any prior signing or piercing to guide their stitches. An experienced seamstress can make only three pairs of entirely hand stitched gloves in a working day.

Table Cut

All gloves are table cut by hand, one pair at a time. The cutters prepare the leather 24 hours before by soaking and stretching it. The utmost attention is paid to the leather’s quality, grain and stretching properties. The cutter’s skills, knowledge and touch are essential in manufacturing a pair of well fitting handmade gloves of exceptional beauty.

Highest quality material

Our materials are carefully selected and resourced from some of the best Austrian, German, Finnish, French or Swiss tanneries, while the raw hides originate from both Northern and Southern hemispheres. Our range includes peccary, goatskin, doeskin, hair sheep nappa leather or curly and orylag fur gloves, unlined or lined with silk or cashmere.


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